Welcome to the GIS&T Body of Knowledge!

This Body of Knowledge documents the domain of geographic information science and its associated technologies (GIS&T). By providing this content in a new digital format, UCGIS aims to continue supporting the GIS&T higher education community and its connections with the practitioners, employers, and clients who comprise the increasingly diverse collection of GIS&T professionals.

This digital version, first launched in 2016, is built entirely and directly from the first GIS&T Body of Knowledge (originally published in 2006, and still available as a PDF to download). New and revised content - as Topics - will be continually added as we go forward. For more information about this project, please see our FAQ section

Looking for a compact list of all of the current Topics themselves?  Here's a color-coded, 2-page PDF overview version, last updated in May 2024

Being a steward of the GIS&T Body of Knowledge is part of the mission of UCGIS: to expand and strengthen education and research with and about Geographic Information Science at many levels. Many individuals and groups have contributed to this effort over the years and we thank them for their hard work and dedication. In its new form as a peer-reviewed publication, we are particularly grateful that dozens of people every year serve as reviewers of draft entries. Thank you.