What is the GIS&T Body of Knowledge, and what purpose does it serve?

This Body of Knowledge (BoK) documents the domain of geographic information science and its associated technologies (GIS&T). In this new digital format, the BoK will be revised and updated on a continual basis. Authors will come from many diverse fields and will be recognized for their contributions through the peer-reviewed scholarly publication that each Topic will be.

UCGIS aims to continue supporting the GIS&T higher education community and its connections with the practitioners, employers, and clients who comprise the increasingly diverse collection of GIS&T professions. This field is demanding intellectually as well as technically, and it evolves rapidly and continuously. Learning opportunities in GIS&T must therefore span beyond traditional or formal environments. The GIS&T BoK is used to inform GIS curricula at all levels, and by doing so, contributes to professional development needs. It aides in workforce recruitment, job assessments, and career planning. It serves as a vital foundation to other related entities such as the GEOINT's Essential Body of Knowledge (link is external) and the European Union's Geographic Information - Need to Know (GI-N2K) (link is external) program.