GC6-2 - Specification of agent-based models

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Author and Citation Info: 

DiBiase, D., DeMers, M., Johnson, A., Kemp, K., Luck, A. T., Plewe, B., and Wentz, E. (2006). Specification of agent-based models. The Geographic Information Science & Technology Body of Knowledge. Washington, DC: Association of American Geographers. (2nd Quarter 2016, first digital).

Learning Objectives: 
  • Describe how multiple, different types of agents in a given system behave and interact with each other and their environment
  • Generate multiple, different types of agents in a given system
  • Describe how multiple parameters (e.g., number of agents, variability of agents, random number seeds for different series of random events or choices during each simulation) can be set within an agent-based model to change the model behavior
  • Explain how agent behaviors can be used to represent the effects actors have on each other and on their environment