Programming and Development

Computer programming and development are critical to the past, present, and future of geospatial systems and techniques. The increasing ubiquity and diversity of online, mobile, and desktop GIS platforms along with the inclusion of cyber-infrastructure components within the bounds of geographic information systems (e.g., supercomputing, wireless sensor networks) means that GIS researchers and professionals need to be fluent in multiple forms of programming, and the life-cycles of system and software development.

Topics in this Knowledge Area are listed thematically below. Existing topics are in regular font and linked directly to their original entries (published in 2006; these contain only Learning Objectives). Entries that have been updated and expanded are in bold. Forthcoming, future topics are italicized


Algorithm Design/Algorithmic Approaches Programming Languages & Libraries
Real-time GIS Programming and Geocomputation Python for GIS
Natural Language Processing in GIScience Applications PySAL and Spatial Statistics Libraries
Machine Learning Programming for GIS R for Geospatial Analysis & Mapping
Linear Programming and GIS Javascript for GIS
GIS and Parallel Programming SQL Languages for GIS
Object-oriented Programming in GIS Applications GDAL/OGR and IO Libraries
  Application Development
Development Tools Design, Development, Testing, and Deployment of GIS Applications
Visual Programming for GIS Applications Verification & Validation of GIS Applications
SpatialMPI: Message Passage Interface for GIS Applications Commercialization of GIS Applications
GIS APIs Licensing of GIS Applications
  Open Source Software Development
Platform Specific Programming  
GIS and GPU Programming  
Programming of Mobile GIS Applications  
Web GIS Programming